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I would like to introduce you to the Stone Racing bicycle club based out of Concord, CA.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for personal growth while promoting a common interest and fostering participation in all types of bicycle races including local and national races as well as charity rides and 24-hour events.  Six professional riders and 20 amateur riders are currently on the Stone Racing team, with the list increasing on a regular basis.

We had several podium finishes for our professional and expert riders in 2009 and the club is expanding rapidly.  We are in the process of building a private Stone Racing training facility / bicycle park consisting of a dual slalom course, giant slalom course, 4-cross course, short track, cyclocross course, BMX track, multiple pump tracks and dirt jumps.  Our goal behind the training facility is to increase the bicycling interest for new and established riders and at the same time increase Stone Racing bicycle club members.  Stone Racing also plans to hold race events at the facility and even lease the space to other bicycle clubs for events.

We are now entering our second year and there have been many changes since our inception in 2009. We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2010 season.  Sponsorship is the key to making a successful bicycle club and the club will proudly promote and be ambassadors for all sponsors. Stone Racing plans to support the sponsors via the internet on the Stone Racing website and all riders will proudly wear Stone Racing apparel at all of the events that we participate in, which will be local and national events, and during group training rides.

Below is a list of sponsorship options:

Free product for pro riders and cost for club riders = small logo on all jerseys or shorts and link and logo on our website.

$500.00 = Small logo on all jerseys or shorts and link and logo on our website.

$750.00 = Medium logo on all jerseys or shorts and link and logo on our website.

$1,000.00 = Large logo on all jerseys or shorts and link and logo on our website.

$200.00 = Banner placement supplied by sponsor displayed at bicycle park annually.

$1,000.00= Annual rights to naming one of the courses at the bicycle park and sponsorship info supplied by the sponsor displayed at the start and finish.  Additionally, announcers will announce sponsor name during race events on that course.  A plaque made of stone from Rann Valdez Stone will also be displayed at the starting gate of the course.

$2,500.00 = Annual sky box at the bicycle club painted with sponsors logos

Any other media material provided by the sponsors such as hats, stickers or T-shirts will be proudly worn, handed out and displayed at all racing events.

If you are interested in sponsoring our team please make checks payable to Stone Racing with “sponsor” listed in the memo and email logo artwork to  All of the Stone Racing members thank you for your support.


Rann Valdez

Team Captain


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  1. Hi I would like to know how to join the club because I’m really into bmx. Mountain.road racing.etc.

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