Bailey Bike Park

Stone Racing has been getting dirty over in Antioch with the starting stages of its Bailey Bike Park.  Picture an outdoor 26 acre dirt ranch tucked into the hillside featuring a giant slalom, dual slalom, short track, and CX courses!  Yeah, for real!  Slated to open to the public in February (fingers crossed!) there will be open sessions as well as organized events for you to enjoy.

Room for Eight Hecklers
New Google groups is here:
Sign up to find out about dig days and events. We may have a CX race as soon as January.



  1. WOW! A bike park in the EAST BAY! This is insane! I will try and get out here ASAP! How big are the jumps and how many do you have now?? MAKE A SITE so you can get some people out there!

  2. When can I help? Who do I need to call to put in some shovel time?? Thank you to whover is making this happen!!

  3. you should put this up on Facebook no one knows about ya’ll on there. I know a lot of peeps that would be interested in you guys. My husband even wants to help


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